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Dymon Enlow birds part VI Jason Lives

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Dymon Enlow birds Part 6
Waited a few days after the babies learned to fly and quit spending the night in the nest, and totally destroyed it. Separated all the older sticks one by one and put them off to the side. The parents watched me the entire time. Within a day, the parents took the sticks they wanted and started making a brand new nest with new sticks added. Next thing I know mom is sitting in the new nest a bunch, so I went to go investigate...two new eggs! Haha. I think this will be babies 11 and 12. So far only that one sweet little baby with the flappy wings has died. I still get sad thinking about her/him.

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1932 Cat Picture

Was going through some newspapers from 1932 and saw this cat picture. It was too good not to share. Meow.