Sunday, April 18, 2021

Dymon Enlow Birds Update Part 4: The Dream Master

Dymon Enlow birds Part 1
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Dymon Enlow birds Part 6

Looks like I'm going to be a grandpa!!! I've noticed over the last few weeks that two of the birds were acting weird and hanging out on the balcony a bunch. I even helped them clean up their old busted nest and they built a brand new one. Then a few days ago they started sitting in the nest 24/7, so today I went to go check and yep...two eggs! I'm so excited! (I'll update this post as things develop.)

04/27/2021: Yesterday morning, the daddy stood by the window and watched and waited for me to brush Susie. I slipped the fur outside and he immediately carried it over to the nest. This morning I put a new ball out there, but the wind grabbed it and rolled it like a Critter Ball around the balcony, so I went out there and carefully tossed it to the momma and she didn't fly off or anything. Guess she trusts me more than I though. I still try to keep my distance since I don't want them to trust humans. I damn sure don't...ATME.

05/03/2021: one of the eggs hatched. I can see one baby moving around. Decided to give them some privacy for a few days though, so I'm going to stay away. Super excited!!!

05/09/2021: Snuck some pictures of the babies while mom was out getting breakfast. Also added some new pictures of the babies with momma and her feeding them. It's funny to think that she was one of the babies that I posted about last year!

06/01/2021: Babies flew today for the first time! They spent the last two days hopping around and flapping their wings like crazy. Lil' legs just a high-stepping. Super cute, then this morning after their second meal...they flew up to the railing! My eyes nearly popped out of my handsome skull. I'm super proud of them.