Sunday, April 18, 2021

Dymon Enlow Birds Update Part 4: The Dream Master

Looks like I'm going to be a grandpa!!! I've noticed over the last few weeks that two of the birds were acting weird and hanging out on the balcony a bunch. I even helped them clean up their old busted nest and they built a brand new one. Then a few days ago they started sitting in the nest 24/7, so today I went to go check and yep...two eggs! I'm so excited! (I'll update this post as things develop.)

04/27/2021: Yesterday morning, the daddy stood by the window and watched and waited for me to brush Susie. I slipped the fur outside and he immediately carried it over to the nest. This morning I put a new ball out there, but the wind grabbed it and rolled it like a Critter Ball around the balcony, so I went out there and carefully tossed it to the momma and she didn't fly off or anything. Guess she trusts me more than I though. I still try to keep my distance since I don't want them to trust humans. I damn sure don't...ATME.

05/03/2021: one of the eggs hatched. I can see one baby moving around. Decided to give them some privacy for a few days though, so I'm going to stay away. Super excited!!!

05/09/2021: Snuck some pictures of the babies while mom was out getting breakfast. Also added some new pictures of the babies with momma and her feeding them. It's funny to think that she was one of the babies that I posted about last year!

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Dymon Enlow Birds Update Part 3: Dream Warriors

Birds are still around. I see them everyday. They sleep on the balcony and disappear for most of the day. They play with Susie and Charlie each day through the window. Usually in the morning. I even took Susie outside yesterday to hang out with them and they seemed perfectly fine with that. They didn't fly off. Maybe they recognize her smell since their nest growing up was lined with her fur? I have no clue. Do birds even have a sense of smell?

02/26/2021: Not sure why, but on the morning of 02/24/2021 the birds and the cats partied non-stop for over two hours!  It was hilarious.  Cats meowing and chattering while the birds were literally running around back and forth in front of the window and cooing.  So funny.  I even cracked the window just a small bit so they could smell each other.

Sunday, January 31, 2021

Dymon Enlow Susie Ninja Scroll Note 2021

Whenever I watch a movie that I'm going to review (or update an existing review) on Happyotter, I try my best to take notes of different things or when to take screenshots.  So, this afternoon, I sat down to watch Ninja Scroll so I could update the screenshots.  Right as I put the disc in the Oppo and sat on the sofa, my beautiful cat Susie, (who I love very much) walks over and sits 100% directly in front of the DVD player and completely blocked my view of the timer with her chubby little furry self.  And just looked at me.  I know she didn't do it on purpose and was simply walking around.  It amused me and I didn't want to bother her, so I made a note to myself to "rewatch opening scene" because "lol Susie sitting in front of oppo!". Fate would have it: as I was writing that last paragraph, my sweet little girl just walked over and fell asleep next to my keyboard.  What a little angel she is.

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Old Fuck Duck Drawings

Found a few old (ancient) "Fuck Duck" drawings I drew a thousand years ago. I have a ton more somewhere. They're really stupid and I won't waste your time explaining what's going on in them. I'm an idiot.

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Eating in the Morgue

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Dymon Enlow birds 2: Electric Boogaloo

Two more eggs!!!  I’m so excited!  Will update pictures once the eggs hatch. (Here's a link to the two original babies! They're all grown up now, but still hang around.)  I really hope that I'm home when the momma teaches the babies how to fly.  That was sooooooo cute last time.  They were hopping up down and bouncing all over the place.  
(worthless side note, in some of the pictures you might notice some black fur.  That is fur from my old lady cat, Susie, who is 15 and I love her very much.  I found her on the hard streets one winter when she was very, very small.  She's never had kittens, but she is extremely motherly in many ways.  Ever since the first pair of baby birds showed up months ago, Susie has literally spent nearly every hour of the day and night up against the window and as close to the babies as possible.  She watches them non-stop.  So I've been brushing her and putting her fur outside.  The momma bird will walk over and get the fur, then take it back to the nest.  Susie has never been a real mother, but, at least, she's helping to take care of these sweet little ones.) 
August 30, 2020...
September 5, 2020...
September 7, 2020...
September 13, 2020...
September 16, 2020.  Little flappy wings...

September 20, 2020.  Went outside this morning to check on the babies and the little one is dead. I'm completely fucked up right now...
September 27, 2020...
September 29, 2020 (worthless side note, but right after I took this picture, Momma came home and fed the baby and as I'm posting this the baby is taking a nap...and my cat fell asleep while watching the baby bird sleep.  Haha.)...
October 4, 2020... (He's getting big.  Took this picture early in the morning.  He spent the entire day running around the balcony and even hopping up and down.  It was super cute.  I have a feeling that Momma is going to teach Junior how to fly pretty soon.)
October 7, 2020...